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Oral cancers are amongst the commonest cancers in the Indian sub-continent. Such cancers may impact the speech, swallowing or the facial structure, for this reason we not only excise such tumours but reconstruct them properly and also provide the rehabilitative services so that patient can get back to being normal as soon as possible.

We provide expert opinion regarding how to treat oral pre-malignant lesions like leukoplakia, erythroplakia, oral sub mucous fibrosis, etc. We even provide the option of managing these conditions with the cutting-edge tools like laser, etc.


Cancer of the inner aspect of the cheek, tongue, jaw, etc are very common in our part of the world. These are often associated with the history of tobacco and alcohol usage. Biopsy is taken from these lesions to confirm the diagnosis and imaging in the form of CT scan or MRI may be asked for. Surgery is the preferred treatment option for oral cancers. Sometimes, in aggressive disease chemotherapy may be considered to shrink the disease to make it operable. The treatment of the mouth cancer also involves removal of the lymph nodes from the neck, where the cancer may be harboured. Depending on the pathology report after surgery, further treatment in the form of radiotherapy may be considered in a few patients.

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