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Cancer can originate in any part of our body; cancers that originated in our head or neck are named after the related body part. Oncology may be a branch of drugs that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Oncology is the study of cancer. Everyone should know about an oncologist, an oncologist is the person who study and research about oncology and also treats the cancer. Oncologist is the person who also provides medical care for the patients who diagnosed with cancer. In these days, most of the doctors use many latest techniques to treat cancer for the better treatment of the patients. Even many surgeons and doctors research in onco cancer from past many years.

Many patients got their successful results but some still faces many onco problems which not only affects their physical health or mental health but also makes hustle in their daily routine. Most of the time people are facing many onco problems but sometimes, they neglect at the early stage but latter it becomes very harsh which can be treated by proper medications. However, in some cases doctors recommend for the surgeries. These surgeries are not very complicated but only when the right doctor operated at the right time. Oncology has three major parts which are medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology. Treatments of cancer are based on these major areas. Let us elaborate accordingly,

1. Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology is a modality of treatment in cancer care which uses Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and Targeted Remedy to treat cancer in an effective way. Medical Oncology is generally works in confluence with Surgical Oncology or Radiation Oncology to give the best clinical results.

2. radiation oncology
Radiation therapy is used in medicine, academics and also used for generating electricity in these days. Radiation has useful applications in some fields like agriculture, archaeology, space exploration, law enforcement, geology which includes mining etc. Not only in these sectors but also many other sectors radiation oncology is very beneficial and used. Radiation oncologist used radiation therapy to treat cancer for the cancer diagnosed patients.

3. surgical oncology
Surgical oncologists treat cancer using surgery, including removing the tumor and nearby tissue during a operation for cancer suffered patients. This type of surgeon can also perform certain types of biopsies to help diagnose cancer.

In addition, an oncologist is also called cancer specialist. Moreover, there are many onco surgeon in Delhi but Dr. Akshat Malik is a highly specialized onco surgeon in Delhi. He did specialization in oncology. Many patients took consultations with him. Therefore, for best onco surgeon in Delhi, you should definitely consult with him. Hence, when it comes to the best, he must be the right choice. For Best Oncologist in Delhi, consult with Dr. Akshat Malik, he did many surgeries without any error, if somehow you are facing any onco problems then for the best treatment as well as best suggestions. Head and Neck Onco surgeon in Delhi


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